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Feb 22, 2015

This month The Bayou Shufflers and I will continue our residency at The Spotted Cat every Sunday from 6-10pm! Now it's easy to remember where to find us every week! We're thrilled with the new time slot and hope this will give our fans a better chance to see us weekly!


July 2014,

New Weekly Residency for the month of July at The Marigny Brasserie! Thanks for having us! Certainly enjoying our shows there so far! If you haven't checked out this restaurants fabulous lounge, come on by and grab a cocktail. My favorite is the cucumber lemonade!

December 20, 2013

Where to start?

KM & The Bayou Shufflers has been nominated for two Offbeat Awards this year for Best Traditional Jazz Artist and for Best Traditional Album for Louisiana Fairytale. We're so happy that the city seems to be enjoying our little moments together as much as we do. We try our best to bring honest music to our fans because we believe that's the best way of reaching out to people. Through that, I believe we've used traditional jazz as an anchor to ground us as we develop our own sound of this historical and cultural music. The icing on the cake has not been the nomination itself but the peers in which we've been nominated with. Kermit Ruffins, Meschiya Lake, Pres Hall Band, Tom McDermott....are among some of these masters so naturally we feel a little strange being marked among them. So thank you for your vote! We love you NOLA.

Also, my group with guitarist Ted Boasso is being considered for an opportunity to play at The Grammys Gig of a Lifetime event in Los Angeles. Our song Elijah can be heard on YouTube:

Please take a listen and share. We hope you vote for us on this epic opportunity if we by the grace of the universe are able to make it to the top 40 bands.



October 31, 2013

It looks like I'm due for an update! As usual, life in the Big Easy flashes by in a series of colors too wonderous to catch. The Bayou Shufflers have released their first album with the help of our fans! Thank you so much for your contribution to our cause! We're very proud and have recieved much love on the album! The next album is starting to take shape in my mind as I solidify my own selection of original tunes. Both albums so far have come from such a different place musically and I'm excited to try to blend the two worlds together, if I can.

So please, stay tuned, my dears...



April 25, 2012

Life has been flying by like lightning here in NOLA! We're currently in the middle of festival season and the good food and music are in full bloom. Somehow I've found the time to redo the website and update the calendar! Thank you everyone for being so patient with me! In other news, "Wonderul World" recently got reviewed in one of New Orleans premier monthly music & food magazines, Where Y'at to a rave review! I was so delighted (and relieved- haha). You can read it in the press section of the website or at:

Also, I'm pleased to announce that The Bayou Shufflers band is gearing up to produce our first album. We're hoping to capture every intoixcating, sexy and mysterious New Orleans moment from the beautiful bayou to the haunting city in just 10 tracks! Wish us luck!! Estimated delivery for the album is August 2012. If you'd like to help us get our project up and running, stay tuned for our Kickstarter crusade to help us raise money to record and produce our very first album! Horray! I'm so excited!! Rewards will be given for your pledge!



March 9, 2012

Hey Everyone! This is my first post in the "news" section and I'm so excited to have so many new things to report!

First off, Wonderful World, my debut album released this past November and has been selling like crazy and has recieved "wonderful" feedback. We celebrated at some amazing venues like Snug Harbor, Irvin Mayfeild's Jazz Playhouse and The Blue Nile. I can't wait to get started on the next album! Thank you to everyone for the amazing support you've granted me and the band!

Starting mid March (March 16th), I'll be starting my residency at the brand new hotel, The Saint Hotel, in the Burgundy Bar every Friday night at 9:30pm. The hotel and lounge are such an exciting new addition to all the New Orleans historic renovations. I'm so excited to be playing every week in this sexy new hotel!! Make sure to come out March 16th to celebrate my 26th birthday and the start of this fabulous weekly show with me!!!!

Last but definitely not least, I'm so happy to announce that in early April, I'll be getting married to my best friend and bass player, Nathan Lambertson!! He's such a prince charming!! It's a dream come true to find such a caring and supportive partner! Sorry guys! I'm officiallly off the market! : )

Thats all for now! Thanks for keeping in touch!!



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